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株式会社ダイヤサービス(本社:千葉県千葉市、代表取締役:戸出 智祐、以下「ダイヤサービス」)と、Coaido株式会社(本社:東京都文京区、代表取締役CEO:玄正 慎、以下「Coaido」)は、下記のとおり、緊急用ドローンに関する包括的業務提携契約を締結しました。




所在地 :千葉県千葉市花見川区畑町1429-8
設立  :1974年6月5日

所在地 :東京都文京区本郷3-40-10 三翔ビル本郷7F
事業内容:緊急情報共有サービス開発、Emergency Technology 研究開発
設立  :2014年6月16日

【PressRelease on 6th November 2017】Daiyaservice and Coaido made a partnership for using drone at the emergency.
Daiyaservice Inc. (the head office: Chiba-city CHIBA, a representative director: Noriyuki Toide,) and Coaido Inc. (the head office: Bunkyo-ward, TOKYO, a representative director: Makoto Gensho) made a partnership for effective flight by drone at the emergency in the fields of disasters, first aid and fires.

Daiyaservice run a drone practice field and web-media about drone (Chiba drone walker). Our company is planning to use drone for emergency help in the future. We have a high skill and experience than any other drone company that we went to disaster area to check mobile basement by using drone.

Coaido developed an emergency application “Coaido119” (co-aid 119). Coaido which was established only four years ago and Ikebukuro-ward(in Tokyo) are tie –up running Coaido119 at the area together.

The company has great knowledges which are the emergency of lifesaving and the way of helping at the disaster, the other side are also familiar with education of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Therefore, both companies will be starting to send a medicine and a medical machine by drone and push forward to observing flight at the disaster. And we will cooperate each highlevel business alliance in future.

1. Daiyaservice, Inc.

  • URL:
  • Location: 1429-8, Hatamachi, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-city, CHIBA
  • Business: Arial Shooting, Drone practice filed, Drone-web media
  • Establishment: 15th June 1974

2. Coaido Inc.

  • URL:
  • Location: 7F Sansyoubill, 3-4-10, Hongou, Bunkyo-award, TOKYO
  • Business: Developing emergency application, R&D for Emergency Technology
  • Establishment: 16th June 2014

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