Thank you for visiting our pages about job offer. Although it is a small company that had been about to go bankrupt once, it has been recognized by a major company by the shift to the drone business and early progress on safety- conscious activities, and it is on a steady recovery trend.

It is a small business. However, because of the growing industry, there should be opportunities for even small companies like us. However, in the case of drones that can only fly, we think that there is will be no future, even if there is work in the immediate future.

Go ahead, beyond “just can fly”.

In line with this slogan, we will continue to look forward to submissions from those who can engage in work with a sense of “mission”, “vision”, “value” and “action agenda”.

What is your view on work?

How many of them apply? First of all, please check it out!!

  1. Not stick to one thing, want to challenge various things.
  2. Want to do a job that makes customers delighted.
  3. Think that it is work to put out the proposal and result more than expected.
  4. Value teamwork more than individual benefit.
  5. Want to work in a company with opportunities no matter how old I am.
  6. Hate doing only what I am told.
  7. Think greetings and courtesy are important.
  8. Also think it is important to act according to circumstances.
  9. Want to work in a joyful workplaces where I can say a joke.
  10. Want to prioritize actively promote our products and services.
  11. Think that drone is hopeful.

You should apply for this job if there are a large number of applicable items.

Job description

Daiyaservice is recruiting new staff who will grow our company and the drone industry greatly with us. Our ambition is to utilize industrial drones when natural disaster strikes. As this is a small small company, I would like to ask people who can find more rewarding than just money, who can work hard with smiles even when things are tough, and people who have aspiration. In principle, the experience is not a problem. However, we’re going to give priority to people who have experienced a job related to the safety of the sky. For example, a flight maneuver, maintenance, flight attendants, etc.

Job type

-Secretary <Urgent Recruitment>

-sales<Urgent Recruitment>


Position class

Manager level

Employee status

Full-time employee.


200,000 yen to 300,000 yen/ monthly salary

Job description and industry

  • Drone aerial photography business “”
  • Operate our own drone field “HATA drone field Chiba”.
  • Drone sales, production, and maintenance business “DRONE CUSTOM lab”.
  • Drone wrapping business “DroneWraps”.
  • Drone school business.
  • Demonstration test support business.

Job that we delegate

We are looking for people who can aim at the destination of industrial drone utilization and not fly but also ahead of there. The contents we would like to ask mainly are as follows, they are very diverse.

  • Support for data acquisition on drone experiments. (There are times on the business trip.)
  • Prepare documents such as subsidy, grant.
  • Do sales and issue that business proposal for new business development.
  • Update website and SNS.
  • Assist in the production and maintenance of the aircraft.
  • Public relations and advertising activities in SNS and events of each of our services.
  • Support for support and safety management.
  • Schedule and task management.
  • Support for drone wrapping work that is to put a film on a machine.
  • Manage and serve customers at our drone field.

You can be involved in business management from an early stage if you are motivative and interested in it.

Acquire them through experience

  • You can practice drone maneuver in our self-operated drone field in your free time.
  • Communication skills are acquired because we have many business partners.
  • You can challenge a lot of different things and learn a wide range of knowledge and work priorities.
  • You can learn about business management, budget management, etc.

Working hours and days

Five-day workweek system
(Closed on Saturdays, Sunday and holidays)

Traffic access

20 minutes walk from JR Sobu Line Shinkemigawa Station.
Alternatively, get a 6 minutes Keisei bus from Shinkemigawa Station and get off at “Hatamachi Nishi” bus stop and 1-minute walk.
※You can use your car for commuting.

Employee benefits

  • Social insurance equipping.
  • Transportation expenses provided. (Upper limit 20000yen/month)
  • Two-day week off (Saturday, Sunday/ according to the company calendar. ※have to work even on holiday when a busy season.
  • Public holiday.
  • Summer vacation and New Year holidays.(partly planned annual vacation.)
  • Paid leave.
  • Congratulation or condolence leave.
  • Maternity and child-care leave.

Required personnel

  • More than certain PC skills (Touch-type, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Someone who doesn’t give up things easily.
  • Thoughtful and proactive person.
  • A person with courtesy.
  • A person who think that drone is hopeful.
  • Able to speak Japanese. ( Equivalent N1 level)