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【Press Release】Heisei 30 Supplementary Budget "Manufacturing, Commercial and Service Productivity Improvement Promotion Subsidy (Monozukuri Subsidy)"

Drone Service Provider, DAIYASERVICE Inc. (Head Quarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, CEO Noriyuki Toide), hereinafter referred to as The Company, is in the Heisei 30 fiscal year supplementary budget “Manufacturing, Commercial and Service Productivity Improvement Promotion Subsidy We would like to contact you with the adoption of the IoT Management Project, which will build a beast hunting solution using drones and manage the number of growth heads.

[Background of business launch]
The hunting industry has the following problems, and it is urgent to improve efficiency and labor saving sought by robots and IoT management, including drones.
(1) Amount of damage to crops caused by beasts that do not decrease
Currently, the government has invested about 100 million yen in driving away harmful beasts, but the amount of damage to crops has not decreased to about 20 billion yen, and the estimated number of animals has increased.

(2) Shortage of hunters and aging
The proportion of hunters over the age of 60 has reached nearly seven percent, and the number of hunting license owners has not increased.

Ambiguity of the method of investigating the number of animals
The current number of animals grown is inferred from the number of heads and footprints found by hunters during hunting.Therefore, if the current growth number is managed as a positive, the worst case of harm to extinction, because there is a risk of destroying the ecosystem, appropriate management is essential.

[Business Overview]
(1) Construction of high-efficiency hunting solutions using drones
(2) Nationwide deployment of the above-mentioned solutions
(3) Establishment of big data and IoT management system for growth number management

We have already started some demonstration experiments in this project, and we have produced certain effects and results.This year, we will continue to conduct trials to build solutions, and from next year onwards, we will begin to develop solutions in earnest and make big data one after another.

[Outline of the Company]
-Drone aerial photography and infrastructure inspection business
-Drone field operation business
-Drone wrapping business
-Drone sales, maintenance and custom business
-Drone demonstration experiment support and test flight business
-Educational business (school, programming)
-Safety awareness activities and disaster response

We will continue to work hard every day to be of service to all of you.We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

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