Company history_1

DAIYASERVICE was established by my father in 1974. We subcontracted the installation of car air conditioners, which were not standard equipment at the time. Since then, air conditioners have become standard equipment, but I have been involved in the installation of car navigation systems and back monitors for many years.

At first, there was no plan to take over the company, but we decided to take over the company because we were worried that sales would gradually drop as car parts and accessories became standardized. Believing that subcontracting alone had no future, we set up our own shop and launched a car-wrapping business that was not yet famous at the time. The plan was to gradually reduce the proportion of subcontractors over the next 10 years.

However, in the aftermath of the Lehman Shock and the Great East Japan Earthquake, we were forced to withdraw from the subcontracting business that we were in at the time, earlier than expected. Suddenly, we lost our jobs, and the only way to survive was to grow our stores quickly. We did business here and there and even stayed up all night posting flyers in high-class residential areas, but the conclusion was that the car-wrapping business was years too early. In the end, our store was closed and all employees were forced to quit. I’ll never forget that frustration.


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