Company history_3

A turning point came in 2016. A local veteran said, “Can’t a drone make a town? Can you think of something?”. At a time when we didn’t know if drones were going to be popular, it wasn’t easy to get into town. I was really worried, but when I was checking the newly revised Civil Aeronautics Act, I saw a map of “densely populated area”. When I stare at it, only a certain area of Hatamachi, Hanamigawa-ku has a hole! And it struck me. Here it is!

Together with the local people, we started the operation of the “HATA Drone Field Chiba”. In order to express our gratitude to the people of Hatamachi for their cooperation, I added the regional name to the field name instead of our company name. The prediction came true, and many corporate and individual customers came from Tokyo. As we have received many corporations, they have started to ask us to do jobs other than renting space.

In addition, we have tried to start a business named drone wrapping by using scrap films from car-wrapping. At first, there were no buyers at all, and I was hit with “You can’t just put a drone on it.” on the internet. Every time someone asked me, I said, “I began by sheer force.” but in reality, I was calculating a lot. Yes, it will be the same business model as the automobile industry. I thought that if drones became popular as an industry, there would always be talk about corporate coloring and logos. And this prediction turned out to be true, and it has grown into a business that only known as a one-of-a-kind business.


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