Company history_4

In addition, we started a business called drone wrapping by using scraps from car-wrapping. At first, there were no buyers at all, and I was hit with “You can’t just put a drone on it.” on the internet. Every time someone asked me, I said, “I began this by sheer force.” but in reality, I was calculating a lot. Yes, it will be the same business model as the automobile industry. I thought that if drones became popular as an industry, there would always be talk about corporate coloring and logos. And this prediction turned out to be true, and it has grown into a business that only known as a one-of-a-kind business.

Also, we have decided to enter the STEM education field by using drones. Programming classes will finally become a compulsory subject in Japanese elementary schools from next year. However, the specific details have not yet been determined. I was worried about the future of Japan, so I got impatient and started this business only with momentum. All the programming classes we have held so far for elementary school students are full, and we have finally started classes for adults who want to teach programming to children.


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