Company history_05

Good things have been going on this year. Let me give you some examples.

  1. Adopted as a manufacturing subsidy
    In the “Establishment of efficient hunting methods using drones and population management using IoT” the Manufacturing Subsidy was adopted. The number of harmful animals (wild boars, deer, etc.) continues to increase rather than decrease, while the hunting industry is aging and hunting ability has not improved. Using drones and IoT, we aim for efficient hunting and proper population management.
  2. Adopted as a subsidy for small-scale enterprise sustainability
    In the “Japan’s first inbound drone field operation”, small business sustainability subsidies were adopted. Illegal drone flights by foreign tourists continue. We plan to provide opportunities for foreigners to enjoy drones in Japan.
  3. Published in Drone Market Environment Map 2019
    An industry map that shows the world’s famous and vibrant drone companies every year. No way, but our company is on this map. Other Japanese companies listed are really famous companies such as Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory, Terra Drone and Rakuten. Our company has made the biggest surprise in drone history.In fact, since the beginning of this year, we have started gathering information and sending information overseas with the aim of expanding overseas. The first part of the effect was posted on the map. This was more than sales, and was a great achievement for our future overseas expansion.


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