• Drone sales and maintenance business

Drone sales and maintenance business


Please talk about anything about drones.

DRONE CUSTOM lab is a drone specialty shop that sells, assembles, maintains, custom and maintains drones.Drone CUSTOM lab uses skilled technology to maintain, maintain, maintain, and customize the aircraft.Of course, you can also take on the sale of aircraft and consulting when the drone is introduced in the future.

Business handling business

Drone Sales

We are a DJI special tycoon.We also offer special benefits unique to us.If you buy the aircraft from the place where you know the operation business, after-sales support is reliable later.By all means, please purchase the aircraft from the diamond service.

We also sell underwater drones as follows:Few shops have the number of underwater drone handling manufacturers.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Drone Assembly

Assembly of the original aircraft, i will give.I think that you can consult individually.

Drone maintenance

Maintenance of the aircraft you already have, we can cope.Our experienced staff, who know how the drone works, will respond.Please feel free to contact us.

Drone Custom

We also make custom aircraft to meet each of your needs.

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