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You can change the color of your drone to your liking with the film that you can stick and peel. It is safe because only film that can be applied to luxury cars is used.
DroneWraps is a service for those who want to be more fashionable and cool with their drones. Use it as a first step for your drone custom with overwhelming visibility.


Overwhelming Visibility

Choose colors such as orange, yellow, or yellow-green to improve visibility of the aircraft during flight. It also ensures safety.

Protecting the Aircraft and Propo

It is possible to physically protect the aircraft from slight scratches.

Differentiation from others

The colors are different from those of drones, like black and white, so it’s a good differentiator.

Exhibited at the Skylink Japan booth at the International Drone Exhibition in 2017

We displayed 2 units of MAVIC PRO of the popular drone wrapping “DroneWraps ®” at the booth of Skylink Japan International Drone Exhibition.

Uekawa Hirokazu, a leading drone pilot, also raves

Thanks to your connection, Mr. Ukekawa ordered a growth black carbon film for Mavic including the installation.
Mr. Ukegawa commented, “Like car-wrapping, this is an interesting service. I want to make it popular.”.After that, it was changed to pearl white.

3M 4-Star (★ ★ ★ ★ ★) certified construction site

We have been using film in our company for a long time. No matter how much equipment and technology you have, if you don’t fully understand the properties of the film, everything will be ruined. It is also necessary to understand the characteristics of the object of construction at the same time. As someone who’s actually working on film and drones at our company, that’s what drone wrapping “DroneWraps ®” is all about.

Ability to customize corporate logos, corporate colors, etc.

“I want to make it my own drone.” We will respond to such selfishness. If you give us a logo as a base, we can make a design for a fee, and we can also handle film printing and construction.



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