Our Policy


Go ahead, beyond “Just can Fly”.

“I can fly a drone.” It’s the same as saying “I can drive a car.”.

If you can just fly drones only, you can’t do business. Since we started our drone business, we’ve been asserting that just flying is not enough. That’s why we’ve taken on the challenge of providing all kinds of services related to drones. We will continue to challenge every aspect of DAIYASERVICE.


Creation and bring about a society where people and drone are in harmony.


  • Make the world safer.
  • Make drones safer.
  • We will protect the world’s safety through drones.



Providing more than the expected quality will create an “impression” beyond “consent” and “satisfation”. It remains unchanged that this company can move consciously so that each employee can provide this “impression” to customers and our business partners.


To make customers delighted, to make our business partners delighted, for happiness of our colleagues who work together, we always aim good for everyone without forgetting our spirit of altruism.


We think that the most important thing is to follow through the company, while keep ourselves open to be sensitive to the challenge of the times and always challenging new things.By continuing, we will protect the lives of our precious colleagues, protect their families, and aim to be a company that can work with peace of mind.

Action Agenda

(1)We remain honest.

We don’t hide the facts in a lie, and we always keep our honest actions against anyone and anything.

(2)We observe rules and etiquette.

We comply with laws and regulations, morals, rules and manners such as internal rules, and act conformity.

(3)We value gratitude and compassion.

We strive to make our work environment and relationships better by having gratitude and compassion for the people around us.

(4)We greet you with a smile.

Greetings are the basis of communication.
Smile and be bright, be polite and give eye contact when greeting.

(5)Think for ourselves and then act.

Always be conscious about problems, think about what we can contribute to, and act actively.

(6)We attach weight to teamwork.

When times are tough, we should help each other.
We always keep in mind that we will be able to compete by total power as entire organization.

(7)We continue to grow.

We always set ourselves up and challenge ourselves by setting challenging goals and achieving them while learning.