• Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

Aiming to become a global drone company from Japan.
Please spread Japan's "hospitality" to the world through drones.

Drones are a new industry, and every company around the world is striving
to be a competitive advantage. It’s the same here in Japan.

We are a drone service company in Japan.
We value drone flights with safety and security as our philosophy,
and we believe that this is the “hospitality” for our clients.
By sticking to this philosophy, we have been recognized by many clients.

Bring this “hospitality” drone service to the world.
Our mission is to overcome language barriers and cultural differences,
to continue flying to Japan and the world, and to deliver safety and security.

Not someone who waits for instructions, but someone who can move by himself.

DAIYASERVICE is a boring company for people who are always waiting for instructions.
Instead, the best environment awaits those who want to move.
Propose and act on your own. This is the manner of the diamond service work.

Guidelines for Application

There are no open positions at present.