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Our company is one of the drone service providing company in Japan. Our ultimate goal is to use drones in the field of disasters. It’s not just about flying a drone and checking the situation with a visible-light or infrared-light camera, it’s also about helping organizations like the emergency, fire, police, and government agencies safely operate the drone.

We believe that drones are flying robots and that autonomous flight is a prerequisite. Therefore, although it is essential to improve flight skills, our motto is to focus on safe operations.

Our company is one of the few “private ” companies that has also experienced drone flights at the scene of a national disaster. To ensure the safe operation of drones, we implement thorough safety management based on global standards.

In November 2017, we made a partnership with Coaido for effective flight by drone at the emergency in the fields of disasters, first aid and fires. Coaido developed an emergency application “Coaido119” (co-aid 119). Coaido which was established only four years ago and Ikebukuro-ward(in Tokyo) are tie –up running Coaido119 at the area together.

The company has great knowledges which are the emergency of lifesaving and the way of helping at the disaster, the other side are also familiar with education of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Therefore, both companies will be starting to send a medicine and a medical machine by drone and push forward to observing flight at the disaster. And we will cooperate each highlevel business alliance in future.